A.J. King

A.J. King

Trial Island Films' lead artist has over 20 years of experience as a digital artist. A curious, passionate storyteller, A.J. has created across the spectrum, including traditional and printed arts, mixed-media arts, bleeding-edge digital content, 3D printed pieces, and 360-degree video.

As a subcontractor, A.J. has had the privilege of contributing to numerous high-profile brand name projects, delivering visual content to end clients such as Disney/Pixar, Warner Bros., Bad Robot, ABC/Touchstone, Fox, Discovery Channel, including key visual effects elements in the television series' 'Alias', 'Lost', and 'Fringe'.

As a screenwriter, solo or co-writer, A.J. has had multiple short films produced, 3 series and a feature film optioned, with one of those series and the feature being awarded Pre-Development Funding through the Canadian Media Fund (a national motion picture arts funding agency).

While working in the defence industry, A.J. delivered digital content destined for the Canadian Forces elite aerobatics team the 'Snowbirds', Canadian DND, the US DoD, and UK MoD.

As a technical writer, A.J. developed new methodologies for efficiency while working for a defence contractor. Later, his technical writing abilities were called on to help Mettle update the User Manual for their Skybox Studio v2, a 360-degree/immersive video plug-in set for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Recently, this plug-in was purchased by Adobe and is now part of the native toolset in the Creative Cloud software suite.

A.J. currently resides on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. He spends his time exploring storycraft, while continuing to hone his skills as a screenwriter, digital artist, and designer.


Trial Island Films' principal A.J. King is involved with the creation of the following projects classified as in development.
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Logo design/graphic design by A.J. King for various projects and clients.
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'The Fishin' Musician's Kitchen' - Logo design, motion graphics, and B camera work provided by A.J. King. Copyright Ragnarock Studios.


An opportunistic video... while passing these kites, I was curious and stopped to speak to the folks flying them. Most are kites flown during weekends in summer by Kites4Causes.com, which has chosen 'NEED2', a local charity for suicide prevention, as this year's beneficiary. If you're in downtown Victoria, swing by Clover Point and show your support!

An early animation test for 'Eggliens!'.


Part 3 of Ragnarock Studios' 'Sacred Knowledge: The Quest for Fire' 360-degree tutorial series on starting a fire using the 'bow drill' method. I was happy to provide technical support and immersive motion graphics for this project. Click and drag the screen to look around if you are watching on your computer. If you are watching on your phone, simply move it around to check out the environment. See the video description on YouTube for more info.